We concern for all the matter of contact with our customers.In each steps we make the contact considerably just to ensurethat all the details is correct. And that’s why we can make ontime delivery, accurate product specification and good relationships.
    We knew that our customers always require their idea to be developed and effort in sampling the key to make the inspired idea become a refined sample carpet

     Soon after the design completed, Color seperation is the next step in order to transform the graphic design into exactly color tone as original. With more than 200 colors in-stocks, the problems of color discrepancies can be easily eliminated. And customers will be ensure that they will get the unique carpet masterpieces.


    By installing an additional line process Chenille twsting we can make a variety of yarn count and spec. Developing with our dyeing house we can make custom product in quite a short period and can let customer proof before launching an order along with cost saving by our full line production.

1. Hand tufting techniques: Hand-tufted carpet is the most complicated carpet making in which all carpet pieces are fully operated by hand. Normally used for producing the carpet masterpieces with limiteless imagination.

2. Machine-tufted techniques (Table-tufted): Specially used for producing small mats like Bath rugs, Shape rugs and Easy-going doormats.

3. Machine-tufted techniques (Yardage-tufted): Specially used for production of the high volume carpet manufacturing and ,of course, Truly Very competitive prices as well.

4. Hand-weaving techniques: Hand-weaving is only used for small amounts of orders by the customers. Due to the limitation of Human-operated, this techniques is only suitable for some kinds of carpets.

5. Printing techniques: Another way of apply wide varieties of design into the single lots of carpet textures is by printing. Our silk-screen printing techniques can be apply into several types of carpet textures enquires by the customers and also prices satisfaction as well.

6. Needle-punch techniques: With the characteristics of Polypropelene, Polyester and Olefin raw material . This types of carpet is usually apply upon the high traffic areas.


    With our laminate machine we can develop manycarpet backing for many purpose indoor, outdoor , anti slip, foam EVA , compound coating or any backing customer desire. We also support for non textile rubber nonwoven laminate.